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17 Tolworth Broadway, Kingston, KT6 7DJ

391 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW10 OLR

Virus free Cloanto Amiga Forever Plus Edition 9

Easier and more awesome than ever, Amiga Forever closes the loop between gaming, performance and preservation of digital culture, while adding new features and providing easier access to the universe from free and legitimate downloads.

Additional Plus Edition content

Amiga Plus Edition forever contains additional features that are not included in the Value Edition. It includes:

Work environment (for productivity, internet access, etc.)

Many quality programs from Amiga have been carefully installed, including the AWeb browser (good for testing different browsers), TCP / IP support tools, Personal Paint (drawing, animation and image processing software), a special version of CacheCDFS CD file system, Player AmigaAMP – media, DirDiff (file synchronization and replication software), AmiToRTF (to convert Amiga text to Windows format), MailBX (to convert Amiga mail archives to Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express and Exchange Server), drag and drop LhA, print pools , directory Opus (owned by GPSoftware), TurboText (excluding the latest version with bug fixes), MUI (shareware version), KingCON, FreeWheel, PowerSnap, ToolManager, ReqTools and more.

Compatible with “Amiga OS” + icons, NewIcons and MagicWB icons

Compatible with popular Amiga OS add-ons such as AmiKit and AmigaSYS

The RTG layer maps Amiga graphics requests directly to fast system guest calls and powerful low-level DirectX features (Windows emulation version)

A collection of all Amiga ROMs ever released (from to), including A1000, A590 / A2091 and A4091 bootable ROMs, and CDTV and extended CD-ROMs, accompanied by similar image options for Workbench boot discs

More than 50 games and more than 100 demonstration productions have been pre-installed for hours and fun

Seamless integration with one-click AmigaSYS (Amiga OS add-on) and AROS 68K (alternative operating system)

Multimedia gallery with historical objects

Pre-installed WHDLoad “kickemu” support

KX Light environment, ability to boot from DVD or install hard disk (does not require Windows or other host operating system)

Amiga Explorer software


Amiga Forever requires Windows XP (with SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, or an equivalent version of Windows Server. Both x86 and x64 versions of Windows are supported

Cloanto Amiga Forever Plus Edition 9

Votes good: 42 Votes bad: 4

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